Tourist Development Strategy And Policy 12 pages

Tourist Development

Strategy And Policy


Qatar (pronounced CUT-er) leads the current “charge” by of gulf nations “into the roughly half-trillion-dollar global travel market.” (Sherwood, 2006) Qatar, according to Dew, Shoult, and Wallace, (2002, p, 28) specifically intends to transform itself into a popular tourist destination.

Along with aiming to further its economic goals, Qatar, regularly transforms, articulates, contests and communicates positive strategies and policies in tourism, amidst; despite the ever looming shadow of terrorism.

Terrorism in Qatar?

Tourism in Qatar?

Where in the world is Qatar?

What in the world could a tourist do there?

Where in the world of tourism does Qatar “fit”? These leading questions, along with the following three research questions, are explored during the course of the development of this thesis, which along with addressing contemporary, challenging concerns regarding Qatar’s quest for a prominent, progressive place in tourism, this makes a point to make its place in the plethora of other available research relating to tourism.

What challenges confront tourist destinations?

Does Qatar currently posses potential to compete for the tourist “trade”?

What currently available tourist development strategy and policy could challenge Qatar, yet potentially contribute to its development into a positive, popular, prestigious tourist destination?

Summary ii

List of Abbreviations iv

List of Figures vi

List of Tables viii


Research Questions

1.2: Study Area 3-1.3: Study Structure 3

1.4: Aim and Objective


2.11 Significance of this Literature Review

LDCs 23-2.2: 2.3:


3.1 Literature Search Methodology 3.2



5.2 Discussion

5.3 Conclusion

5.4 Recommendations


Appendix a:

Appendix B:


LIST of ABBREVIATIONS or TERMS (not confirmed)


Figure 1: Mind Map for Qatar Tourism Thesis 4

Figure 2: Flag of Qatar ‘ 5

Figure 3: Map Qatar, Middle East – From a Distance 6

Figure 4: Map Qatar, Middle East — From a Star’s Distance 7

Figure 5: Qatar, Middle East – View from a Satellite 7

Figure 6: Qatar, Middle East – From the Clouds 8

Figure 7: Qatar, Middle East – From the Window of a Plane 8

Figure 87: Qatar, Middle East – Bird’s Eye View 9

Figure 9: Qatar, Middle East – Mapping Where to Visit 9

Figure 10: Doha Skyline with Buildings and Towers Going Up 20

Figure 11: Four Seasons Hotel (282-rooms) in Doha, Doha Bay in Background

Figure 12: Camel Market in Doha, Qatar

Figure 13: Qatar Falcon Handler

Figure 14: Qatar Hotels Being Constructed in the West Bay section of Doha

Figure 15: Qatar Ice Skating Rink at the Doha City Center Mall

Figure 16: Oyster sculpture along Doha’s Corniche

Figure 17: Ritz-Carlton Doha Has Its Own Island Resort

Figure 18: Ritz-Carlton Doha Has Nine Restaurants and Lounges

Figure 19: The KDF Islamic Center

Table 1:

Table 2:

Table 3:

Table 4:

Table 5:






Notable Obstacles to Seducing Foreigners [tourists to Qatar]… [include] the 100-degree-plus heat in summer the conservative Islamic climate

Alcohol is banned almost everywhere…. terrorism has reared its head…” (Sherwood, 2006)

Welcome to Qatar (pronounced CUT-er) currently leads the current “charge” by of gulf nations “into the roughly half-trillion-dollar global travel market.” (Sherwood, 2006) “Come ‘see’ Qatar for yourself – a vacation spot where you are not only embraced by the sun’s never-ending warmth, by also by the warm welcome of Qatar’s citizens…” This simulated advertisement, which this researcher created, completely contradicts one the introductory quote could inspire. A pseudo ad current news articles, along with Sherwood’s contentions, could possible propose: “Come ‘see’ Qatar – a vacation spot where if the heat does not ‘get’ you – the terrorist just might….” Although negative ads are not commonplace in contemporary tourism arenas, points Sherwood (2006) purports in the introduction quote, unfortunately prove to be realities that currently challenge the promotion of tourism in Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries. Consequently, strategies to seduce or entice tourists to a country like Qatar, which more than qualifies to advertise itself as a tourists’ dream destination, prove not only challenging but contumacious.

Contending with Notable Obstacles and Warnings to Seducing Tourists to Visit Qatar Today, the negative connotations frequently attributed to Qatar by a number of other countries, which routinely warn their citizens of potential dangers in Qatar, and other Middle Eastern countries, routinely divert tourists from visiting. A current post on Australia’s “Smartraveler” government website, one example, advises individuals, who plan to visit Qatar, to:

Exercise extreme caution in Qatar, as a high threat of terrorist attack currently exists.

The Australian and government reports: “We continue to receive reports that terrorists are planning attacks against a range of targets, including places frequented by Westerners.” (Qatar Overall, 2007)

International terrorists routinely call for “attacks against Western interests in the Gulf region, including residential compounds, military, oil, transport and aviation interests.” (Qatar Overall, 2007)

Areas westerners traditionally visit, including commercial and public areas, constitute potential possible terrorist targets. (Qatar Overall, 2007)

Australia does not have an Embassy or Consulate in Qatar. The Australian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates provides consular assistance to Australians in Qatar.” (Qatar Overall, 2007)

Even if acts of terrorism were not currently touted as imminent threats for tourist in Qatar, one recent news story argues yet another, explosive, yet poignant point: “One act of terrorism and all the tourism goes away.” (Qatar Airways, 2007). In light of worldwide, contemporary challenges and contradictions related to concepts of developing tourism in Qatar, this researcher presents this thesis, which explores, examines, and expounds on: “Tourist development and policy in Qatar.”

This thesis will prove to be a vital, valuable resource, this researcher proposes, to those seeking to increase their understanding of tourism, as well as, tourism development strategy, particularly in Qatar.

In Qatar

This thesis “maps out” information retrieved from a number of relevant, researched resource, to answer published, as well as, non-publicized questions. To help guide this study effort, along with creating a mind map, this researcher developed the following three research questions, which are explored during the course of the development of this thesis:

What challenges confront tourist destinations?

Does Qatar currently posses potential to compete for the tourist “trade”?

What currently available tourist development strategy and policy could best challenge Qatar, yet potentially contribute to its development into a positive, popular, prestigious tourist destination?

In addition to utilizing this study’s mind map and research questions to retrieve information/data to address contemporary, challenging concerns regarding Qatar’s quest for a prominent, progressive place in tourism, this thesis makes a point to make its place in the plethora of other available research. The following figure (1) depicts the mind map this researcher created (from a template) to enhance the organization and focus of this thesis.

Figure 1: Mind Map for Qatar Tourism Thesis

All the Amenities of Any Modern Nation

Welcome to Qatar?

Figure 2: Flag of Qatar (State of Qatar, 2007)

Qatar (Arabic: ), officially the State of Qatar (Arabic: transliterated as Dawlat Qatar), is an emirate in the Middle East and Western Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly coast of the larger Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south; otherwise the Persian Gulf surrounds the state.

Qatar is divided into ten municipalities (Arabic: baladiyah), also occasionally translated as governorates or provinces: Ad Dawhah, Al Ghuwariyah, Al Jumaliyah, Al Khawr, Al Wakrah, Ar Rayyan, Jariyan al Batnah, Ash Shamal, Umm Salal, Mesaieed

The Qatari peninsula juts 100 miles (160 km) into the Persian Gulf from Saudi Arabia and is slightly smaller than Connecticut. Much of the country consists of a low, barren plain, covered with sand. To the southeast lies the spectacular Khor al Adaid (“Inland Sea”), an area of rolling sand dunes surrounding an inlet of the Gulf.

Nearly all Qataris profess Islam. Besides ethnic Arabs, much of the population migrated from various nations to work in the country’s oil industry. Arabic serves as the official language. However English as well as many other languages are spoken in Qatar.

Expatriates form the majority of Qatar’s residents. The petrochemical industry has attracted people from all around the world. Most of the expatriates come from South Asia and from non-oil-rich Arab nations. Because a large percentage of the expatriates are male, Qatar has the most heavily skewed sex ratio in the world, with 1.88 males per female

Before the discovery of oil the economy of the Qatari region focused on fishing and pearling. After the introduction of the Japanese cultured pearl onto the world market in the 1920s and 1930s, Qatar’s pearling industry faltered. However, the discovery of oil reserves, beginning in the 1940s, completely transformed the nation’s economy. Now the country has a high standard of living, with many social services offered to its citizens and all the amenities of any modern nation.

The cities and towns in Qatar include Doha, the capital, Al Wakrah, second city, Al Khor, Al Khuwayr, Ar Rayyan, Ar Ru’ays, Dukhan, Ras Laffan, Umm Bab, Umm Sa’id, Umm Salal ‘Ali, Umm Salal Muhammad. Over 90% of Qatari citizens live in Doha, the capital. (State of Qatar, 2007)

The “Big” Picture

Figure 3: Map Qatar, Middle East – From a Distance (Map of Qatar, 2007)

Figure 4: Qatar, Middle East – From a Star’s Distance (Map of Qatar, 2007)

Figure 5: Qatar, Middle East – View from a Satellite (Map of Qatar, 2007)

Figure 6: Qatar, Middle East – From the Clouds (Map of Qatar, 2007)

Figure 7: Qatar, Middle East – From the Window of a Plane (Map of Qatar, 2007)

Figure 8: Qatar, Middle East – Bird’s Eye View (Map of Qatar, 2007)

Figure 9: Qatar, Middle East – Mapping Where to Visit (Map of Qatar, 2007)

Aims and Objectives


To utilize the literature research method to explore and examine components relating to tourist development strategy and policy in Qatar.

To fulfill the aim of this thesis, this researcher set specific goals to meet each of the following three objectives. To accomplish the purposes purported by this thesis, this researcher specifically “set aside” particular times, with predetermined questions to keep study objectives a primary focus.

One aspect of this thesis’ focus is reflected by the maps presented earlier during this chapter, starting with distant, indistinct view of Qatar. Each figure, albeit, reveals a bit more of the region. The closer the inspection, the more one “sees.” The same proves trued of the process of developing this thesis. Initially, the view of this study’s focus appeared a bit distant.

With each segment of time invested, however, and closer inspections of researched material, the “view” became more distinct.

Objective One:

To thoroughly research and investigate Qatar per se, and identify challenges that confront Qatar in its quest to become a primary tourist destination.

Does Qatar currently posses potential to compete for the tourist “trade”? To complete research answering this and other question for this thesis, this researcher selected, sorted, and sifted through a minimum of 40 sources to secure information relevant to tourist development strategy and policy in Qatar. As this researcher explored current challenges confronting Qatar, more and more concerns relating to one primary “threat,” terrorism began to unveiled.

Objective Two:

Explore tourism in Dubai and Kuwait and compare with tourism in Qatar.

For this objective, this researcher compared similarities Qatar possess to ones in Dubia and Kuwait, as well as, noted differences between Qatar and Dubai and Kuwait.

Objective Three:

Explore Qatar’s current tourist development strategy, and examine two books:

Tourism Public Policy and the Strategic Management of Failure by William Kerr, Pergamon and the Competitive Destination – a Sustainable Tourism Perspective by J.R.Brent Ritchie and Geoffrey I. Croucah.

Objective Four:

Identify WTO and the NTO and the functions they perform in the UAE; also explain how foreign inversion is being facilitated in Qatar.

Objective Five:

Utilize the Following Epigrams, Which Introduce Each Chapter of Thesis, to Lead into Analysis of Information Retrieved During Research Process.

Chapter I.:

Notable Obstacles to Seducing Foreigners [tourists to Qatar]… [include] the 100-degree-plus heat in summer the conservative Islamic climate

Alcohol is banned almost everywhere…. terrorism has reared its head…” (Sherwood, 2006)

Chapter II.:

Tourism is commonsensical, utilitarian, safe, and social, that gregarious passion,’ the traveler Patrick Leigh Fermor calls it, which destroys the object of its love.’

Not self-directed but externally enticed, as a tourist you go not where your own curiosity beckons but where the industry decrees you shall go.”

Paul Fussell (Columbia, 1996)

Chapter III.:

The strategy is to position Qatar in niche markets such as medical, sports, stop-over and education tourism.

Qatar is really not interested in the mass-market side of the business and it will be its world-class hotels and resorts that will help attract high-end newcomers in the long run.” (Nash, 2007)

Chapter IV.:

Tourism performances, sights and sites communicate more than ‘truth’ about a ‘real’ culture.” (Lacy, 2002)

Chapter V:

One act of terrorism and all the tourism goes away.” (Qatar Airways, 2007).

In contrast to real and pseudo notions purported about Qatar at the start of this study, one promoter of tourism in Qatar writes: “The sand dunes of the south have the rare distinction of being one of the few places on Earth where the desert meets the sea. By day, the area is a paradise of colour (sic), shade and form. At night, the lights and flares of the distant oil-processing town of Mesaieed, viewed from a dune summit, are unforgettable.” (“Visiting Qatar: Everything You,” 2004)


This researcher suggests that the word, “unforgettable,” could also aptly describe the myriad of components circulating in and around concepts relating to tourism in Qatar. The next chapter of this thesis reminds this researcher and others, open to nuggets of truths mined from both negative and positive data/information, that when one examines “advertisements” and takes a closer look at something or someplace to “see” for him/herself, a widow into a new world of knowledge opens.



Tourism is commonsensical, utilitarian, safe, and social, that gregarious passion,’ the traveler Patrick Leigh Fermor calls it, which destroys the object of its love.’

Not self-directed but externally enticed, as a tourist you go not where your own curiosity beckons but where the industry decrees you shall go.”

Paul Fussell (Columbia, 1996)

Significance of Literature Review

This literature review, as traditional for the process of obtaining credible information/data in any worthy research endeavor, provides a vital window for this researcher to not only begin to “see” Qatar and tourism, but also the challenge of the world of available information/data, contributing to this thesis. Along with searching for answers for the following three research questions, presented in the introduction for this thesis, this researcher also explores related a number of other tourist related concerns, as well as, compares components of Dubai and Kuwait. Information regarding the WTO and the NTO is also examined in this chapter. (NEED to ADD THIS) Recap of Research questions:

What challenges confront tourist destinations?

Does Qatar currently posses potential to compete for the tourist “trade”?

What currently available tourist development strategy and policy could best challenge Qatar, yet potentially contribute to its development into a positive, popular, prestigious tourist destination?

This review of researched literature proves vital to this study as it presents a myriad of information relating to the focus of the study, as this researcher seeks to answer the research questions and consequently contribute recommendations regarding Qatar’s tourism quest. As noted during the introduction, this researcher delved into more than 40 sources, which included a number of scholarly journals, books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, and web sites. A number of the web sites consulted for information directly related to tourism, while others were sponsored by government entities. This researcher also utilized Questia, an online library, and Google Books for a sizeable number of resources.

2.2 Qatar

The World Fact Book,” 2007)

Ruled by the al-Thani family since the mid-1800s, Qatar transformed itself from a poor British protectorate noted mainly for pearling into an independent state with significant oil and natural gas revenues. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Qatari economy was crippled by a continuous siphoning off of petroleum revenues by the amir, who had ruled the country since 1972. His son, the current Amir HAMAD bin Khalifa al-Thani, overthrew him in a bloodless coup in 1995. In 2001, Qatar resolved its longstanding border disputes with both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Oil and natural gas revenues enable Qatar to have one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. (“The World Fact Book,” 2007)

During its quest to position itself into a popular tourist destination (Dew, Shoult, and Wallace, 2002, p, 28), in the interim, Qatar has to contend with some notable obstacles to seducing foreigners. One: the 100-degree-plus summer heat could deter some visitors. Although non-Islamic women do not have to veil themselves, the modest dress requirement could detour some tourists in Qatar’s conservative Islamic climate. For the tourists who drink alcohol, Sherwood (2006) reports, “they might have trouble getting a beer. Alcohol is banned almost everywhere except hotels.” Sherwood (2006; “Advent of Terrorism,” 2005) notes that the threat of terrorism may detour tourist travel to Qatar. He reports: “…though Doha is generally considered quite safe, terrorism has reared its head: a suicide attack on an English-language amateur theater company last year killed one person and wounded more than a dozen.”

Five times a day, the Muslim call to prayer echoes through the mazelike passageways of Souk Waqif in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Projected from slender minarets that dot Doha, a low-lying white city along the Persian Gulf, the warbling, ages-old Arabic invocation reverberates through stalls selling everything from traditional khanjar daggers to baby strollers. When it arrives, merchants in long, white gutras and checkered headdresses kneel toward Mecca and pray.

Lately, however, the call to prayer has been competing with a much more modern sound, one that heralds a bold new direction for this languid city of 400,000: the sound of construction. Lots of it.

According to the Qatar Tourism Authority, more than 100 buildings and towers are going up in Doha, whose modest skyline is currently punctuated by about two dozen high-rises. Cranes fill the hot sky. Skeletal hotels, resorts and financial centers ring Doha Bay. And from every corner, a symphony of earth-moving equipment and power tools hums the theme of one of the world’s richest countries (as measured by gross domestic product per capita) striving to become a world-class business and leisure center. (Sherwood, 2006)

Figure 10: Doha Skyline with Buildings and Towers Going Up With a Traditional Dhow Traveling Across Doha Bay. (Sherwood, 2006)

Qatar is rapidly changing,” (Sherwood, 2006) Nick Bashkiroff, development director for Qatar’s leading construction firm, United Development Company, states.

Qatar’s plans for international recognition include construction of, but is not limited to the following tourists’ attractions:

The Pearl, a $2.5 billion, 985-acre artificial island loaded with five-star hotels, two million square feet of high-end shopping and ‘beach clubs like you would find in the South of France.’ luxury resort resembling an ancient Arabian city, the Sharq Village & Spa…along the beachfront.

The modernist Museum of Islamic Arts, designed by I.M. Pei, along the bay.

The nation’s largest shopping center, a monument of Italian Renaissance details traversed by Venetian canals….” (Sherwood, 2006)

Sherwood (2006) posits that Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, along with a number of small conservative Islamic countries have begun to solicit tourists, after years of indifference can be contributed to petroleum supplies dwindling. Consequently, many oil-dependent nations are seeking to diversify their country’s revenue streams.


Dubai, once a dusty, little noted area, currently claims its space as “a fast-moving global playground that draws some five million tourists a year.” (Sherwood, 2006) Dubai, according to James Wilson, chief executive of Dubai’s Nakheel corporation, a land-development firm owned by the Dubai’s royal family, “is without question leading the world in tourism development.” (Sherwood, 2006) Dubai’s plans to entice more tourist trade include:

The world’s tallest building,

The world’s largest amusement park and Two of the world’s largest shopping malls

Qatar, as well as, other Dubai neighboring countries, are studying Dubai to learn what Dubai did to succeed in tourism and how they can do the same.

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